Elephone Ele Whisper: headphones with active noise cancellation up to 35dB

Elephone continues to introduce devices that dramatically stands out from the usual assortment of the company: following a mechanical keyboard EleEnterGame1 presents a noise-canceling headphone block Ele Whisper.

The device was developed by engineers Elephone together with the Chinese aerospace company CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation). It is based on the CASC863A controller providing noise reduction at the level of 35 dB in the frequency range up to 4 kHz. According to the company, reducing noise effectively works not only in normal conversations, but while listening to music.

The kit includes Ele Whisper and headphones specifications are yet to be published. Their elongated shape should sit comfortably in the ear. For active noise cancellation requires a battery: it is embedded in the main unit, has a capacity of 24 mAh and provides up to 25 hours of work. You can detach and use just the headphones. The total mass of the whole structure is only 17



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