Elegant black: the most versatile color in creating fashion images

“I will stop wearing black only when someone invent a darker color“, – Wednesday Adams.

The black color in clothes is unique, as it causes very mixed feelings. For some, it is associated with mourning, while others choose black outfits for the most special occasions in your life. While no one would argue that it is universal, as appropriate and in a business setting, and at the event. This color never goes out of fashion, so every fashion show, he plays not a minor role.

Who is suitable for?

Clothes black choose women of all ages. But it turns out that it is not suitable for everyone. With a tender skin tones, it looks not very harmonious. Also the black thing is able to focus on such issues as rashes on the skin or wrinkles.

Most black clothing is suitable for brunettes. To choose can and brown-haired women with blondes, but they will have to carefully consider your image, paying attention to the combination with other colors.

Wearing black thing, it should be remembered that it focuses on the skin and eyes. So if you consider yourself to be lovers of natural beauty and abandon of makeup, this color is better to choose as optional or used only in accessories.

The combination of cold shades

Many stylists prefer to combine black with cool shades. Classic is its combination with white. This Duo looks solemn and suitable for business and casual looks.


Well it looks pink. This combination is perfect for young, romantic natures. Bright pink with black looks elegant and can be used when compiling a set of classic style. But in this case it is important that other colors and details in the image.

In business image is often used a combination of black and blue. This combination looks elegant.

Unusual looks black with purple. In this combination can be both strong and romantic images. However, stylists note that it is best this Duo to choose when compiling a formal bow.

Combination of warm shades

Combining black with warm undertones can get quite catchy. The trend will always be red and black. This combination is a classic and appropriate in the preparation, both evening and everyday images.

For office is the perfect combination of black with beige that looks as elegant and restrained. To make the image more vivid, allowed the introduction of another colour.

Designers love the combination of black with yellow. It is used for stylish, bold images. However, in this case they should not coexist with striped things.

Cheerful looks black with orange. This combination is suitable for all women regardless of their age.

The evening will appropriate the Association of black with gold. Thus black plays the main role in the Duo.


The outfit total black

Recently gaining popularity of the style total look, where the whole image is created in a single color. Making the set total black, it is important to consider its details, otherwise the image may be boring.

To simple bow in this manner include the set of trousers and jacket in black. It is very important that all things were perfectly fitting.

Stylists recommend to add to the image of total black clothes and leather accessories. This will help to compensate for the lack in the image of the bright elements and will attract the attention of others.

If you decide to try on this style, it is enough to choose only a few basic things. One of them has to be the dress. It can be combined with a blazer, jacket, etc.

Also easy to experiment with a black coat. It can be worn with boots or shoes of the same color. Making a way in the style total black, it is important to remember the combination of different textures. In addition allowed massive accessories black.

Office wear

For office wear in black color fits just perfect and the selection of the suitable things is quite extensive. It can be skirt or pant suits that were worn with shirts or blouses of different shades. With pants you can combine tunics and blouses in the winter to replace warm jumper.

Ideal in a business situation will look bodycon dress in black. It can be combined with a cardigan or jacket of white, blue, brown or grey colors. Dress long sleeve can be supplemented with a headscarf, lightweight scarf, or other accessories and black pumps.

Casual look

Things black colors allow you to reach a huge number of everyday images. If you don’t wear jeans and trousers, choose a dress with an easy fit. It can be combined with a cardigan, a jacket, a shirt or a turtleneck.

For going for a walk, you can choose a short dress and combine it with ankle boots or heeled boots.

Universal can be called a black coat, since it successfully combined with any thing. However, wearing them, you don’t need to use many vivid details. Fans of the classic style can combine this coat with a dress, pencil skirt or trousers. While the shoes should be heels.

For those who wish to stand out from the crowd, you can combine outerwear with black skinny jeans, complementing the look with bright accessories. Add mania will help the hat and gloves from the skin.

Evening image

To demonstrate impeccable taste for every celebration, select party dress black. The length of the style can be anything. Very often, these outfits are decorated with stones, sequins, embroidery or lace inserts.

In the cold season it can be combined with warm Bolero or Cape of fur. As for shoes, it must be heeled and have a closed toe.

Black evening dress looks perfect with jewelry made of pearls. Instead, you can choose bright jewelry to match the shoes, gold or silver.

To even the most simple dress was gorgeous, complete with belt to match the handbag, which is embellished with metal details or other decorations.

Clothing black has always been and will remain relevant. Learn how to properly combine it with other clothes and accessories, you can always get a bold look.

How do you feel about the clothes black?

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