Electric toothbrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush Xiaomi Mi is estimated to be 29 $

Company Xiaomi already offers one electric toothbrush. This model Soocare X3 cost $ 35.

Today, the Chinese giant has introduced another similar product, but completely under its brand. The new product is called Xiaomi Mi Ultrasonic Toothbrush. It’s a bit cheaper: $ 29.

Like most other similar devices, it uses a generator of ultrasonic vibrations. Brush head this model oscillates with a frequency of 31,000 cycles per minute.

In addition, we can distinguish the bristles DuPont StaClean and waterproof case. Brush belongs to the category of smart devices and can be interfaced with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The battery capacity of 700 mAh should be enough for about 18 days when used twice a day.

The size of the device is 187,5 x 28.5 mm.



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