Electric Lucid Air in the base will cost much cheaper Tesla Model S

About the electric car Lucid Air, which should become a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, we have already written. The car has done a lot of noise in the media, but initially it was not known.

Now something became known. The most important is the cost of the car will be 52 500 dollars. More precisely, as many will ask for the car in the minimum configuration. But even this machine will be equipped with led optics, a sound system with ten speakers, 19 inch wheels, three touch screens in the passenger compartment, and a motor power of 400 HP driving the rear wheels. The cruising range of such car will make about 385 km.

For a fee you can get a more capacious battery (for 500 km and 640 km), more powerful engines (1000 HP) in conjunction with all-wheel drive, more options in the cabin and so on. In the maximum configuration Lucid Air will cost more than $ 100,000. By the way, the first 255 of the Launch Edition cars that will be on sale, will be one of the most equipped and therefore expensive.

It is important that the autopilot system will be basic equipment that is to be available in any version of Lucid Air. Now the manufacturer is taking pre-orders for the car. In order to pre-order the regular version, you need to pay $ 2,500. If you want to get one of the first cars Launch Edition, will now have to part with 25 $ 500. When to expect the appearance of mass-produced cars, is unclear.

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