Electric car Fisker EMotion valued at $129 thousand.

Last fall, a car designer and businessman Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker) has announced the electric car Fisker EMotion, saying that he will be able to accelerate to a speed of 260 km/h and pass without charging up to 640 km.

The developers have published new images of the Fisker EMotion, saying that accepting pre-orders for the car starts June 30 on the official site listed in the source.

Fisker EMotion is positioned as a competitor to the Tesla Model S, although the new electric car will cost more. At the moment, is the sum of 129 thousand dollars, but we can assume that there will be a more expensive version of the machine.

The developers focused not only on comfort, but on safety. Fisker patented design that protects the driver and passengers in a frontal collision. The car is equipped with laser range finders and cameras that provide the driver a panoramic view, and is designed to operate the autopilot system.

Start of production of Fisker EMotion was only scheduled for 2019.



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