Electric car Chrysler Portal will be able to recognize the voices and faces of the passengers

The company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will show this week visitors of the exhibition CES 2017 concept future electric car called the Chrysler Portal.

The car is aimed at the generation of «millenials», the manufacturer claims that it will become an integral part of their lives. Chrysler Portal is equipped with the most modern technology, on-Board computer system will be able to recognize the voices and faces of the driver and passengers. This will allow, in particular, to immediately adjust the seat and to use other custom settings, when people are in the cabin. Also supported voice control.

Chrysler Portal will be something of a cross between a minivan and a crossover, the car will have three rows of seats, led headlights and taillights, cameras, radar and optical rangefinder to monitor the situation around the car, sliding door.

The car, which is represented at the exhibition, installed the wheel, replacing the traditional steering wheel and two large display of irregular shape. For passengers sitting in the third row, there is a system hands-free intercom, which makes it comfortable to talk without raising the voice.

Chrysler Portal is equipped with a autopilot system which can control the machine, however the developers emphasize that a person must be behind the wheel, being ready at any moment to intervene in the onboard computer.

The approximate range of the Chrysler Portal will be about 400 km. the 15-minute charging at special stations should be enough for 240 km.


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