Electric bus Proterra Catalyst E2 have set a world record of driving on a single charge, more than 1,700 km

A year ago we reported about the bus Proterra Catalyst E2, equipped with electric motors, the power reserve of which is about 560 km This indicator provides battery capacity of 660 kWh, which is more than on the order exceeds the capacity of the batteries of most passenger cars.

As it became known yesterday, the bus managed to set a new world record for the movement range on a single charge. Catalyst E2 was able to overcome on a single charge 1762 km. the Previous record, equal to 1622 km, was established in 2011, through specially designed for this purpose electric vehicle Schluckspecht E.

To date, Proterra has sold 312 of its electric buses, and sales in the current year increased by 220% compared to the previous one.

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