EK Water Blocks released waterblock EK-FB ASUS Strix RGB Z270I Monoblock

Company EK Water Blocks, specializing in components for WCS, presented waterblock EK-FB ASUS Strix RGB Z270I Monoblock. The task of this block is to remove heat from the processor in the motherboard Asus ROG Strix Z270I Gaming, and the adjacent voltage regulators.

Base waterblock made of copper and Nickel-plated and the lid is made of clear acrylic plastic.

According to the manufacturer, waterblock has a low hydrodynamic resistance, which allows you to use it even with pumps of small capacity.

To the characteristics of the EK-FB ASUS Strix RGB Z270I Monoblock also include the equipment strap with the four LEDs that are compatible with the system backlight control Asus Aura Sync.

New waterblock EK Water Blocks cost about 120 euros. Taking pre-orders for it will begin on may 12.

Source: EK Water Blocks

EK Water Blocks


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