EK Water Blocks introduced the first water block for Radeon RX Vega

Company EK Water Blocks quickly reacted to the announcement, AMD today announced the world’s first third-party waterblock for Radeon RX Vega reference sample.

The product is evaluated in the usual for the manufacturer 110 or 120 euros, and for not less than the usual 30 and 38 euros you can buy the rear panel. Of the differences between versions is performed. As always with EK Water Blocks, the upper cover can be made of acrylic material or POM Acetal.

The rest is also different from other company’s model no. The base is made of electrolytic copper (in one version Nickel-plated). The waterblock can work with reverse water flow and are optimized for low-power pumps.

The solution is suitable for any reference model Radeon Vega, including Frontier Edition, as they all use the identical design of printed circuit boards.

EK Water Blocks
Radeon RX Vega


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