EK Water Blocks has ended the year with the announcement of the waterblock EK-Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary

Company EK Water Blocks, specializing in the production of components of liquid cooling systems for PCs, has published its latest press release, dated 2016. It is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of company that started with the experiments of its founder with a homemade CPU coolers.

To commemorate that date in the EK Water Blocks decided to release a commemorative version of the CPU waterblock EK-Supremacy EVO. It’s called EK-Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary and differs from the basic model design and packaging.

In addition to the waterblock EK-Supremacy EVO 10th Anniversary, which is compatible with processors LGA-115x, LGA-2011 and LGA-2011 v3, the kit includes the flagship 2006 model — EK-Wave, with some surprise that, according to the manufacturer, opens only to the owner of the waterblock. In the finish of the chassis is used gilding.

Accepting pre-orders will start next week. Then will be the price. It is planned to produce 100 sets.

Source: EK Water Blocks

EK Water Blocks


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