Eight-core AMD Ryzen with a frequency of 3.6 GHz significantly outperforms the Intel Core i7-5960X to test Ashes of the Singularity

This is an AMD Ryzen scheduled to begin in March. While we know little about the range, but the flagship model should be OCTA core CPU, running at a base frequency of 3.4 GHz.

Frequency in overclocked mode are unknown to us. But now we know they are capable Ryzen processor with a frequency of 3.6-4.0 GHz in the test Ashes of the Singularity. Serial if this is the instance, or dispersed, unclear. Whatever it was, together with Nvidia Titan X processor 5100 gaining points in 4K, and the average number of frames per second reached 70.5. Note that this was just a test of the processor.

For comparison, in similar conditions, CPU Intel Core i7-5960X shows figure 53.



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