EarthLink and Windstream are in talks about merging

Telecom company Windstream Holdings and EarthLink Holdings are negotiating a merger. This was reported by the source devices, information from anonymous sources familiar with the situation.

The deal, which Windstream will own a little more than half of the new company may be announced as early as next week. However, negotiations are still ongoing, so their outcome is unknown.

Company EarthLink refers to the number of veterans among the service providers access to the Internet. It started with dial-up lines twenty-two years ago. Now EarthLink serves more than 150,000 businesses and 1 million individual users have their own network of impressive size. Along with the service of access to the Global network, EarthLink offers cloud services. In the last quarter, the company received 240 million dollars in revenue. Her debt amounts to 466 million dollars, and market capitalization is estimated at 572 million dollars.

Company Windstream working in the same region, bears the burden of long-term liabilities in the amount of 4.76 billion dollars. Its revenue in the last quarter amounted to 1.36 billion, and the company’s market capitalization is approximately equal to 653 million dollars.

The merger of EarthLink and Windstream expects to reduce costs by combining their networks and infrastructure.

Recently became aware of a much larger deal in the communication industry. Company CenturyLink has agreed to purchase Level 3 Communications for $ 34 billion.

Source: Reuters


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