Earned voice assistant «Alice»

The company «Yandex» has introduced a service «Alice», which started testing in may. According to the developer of the renowned search engine, the world’s first voice assistant that is not limited to the set of predefined answers. The task of Alice is to help users of people to solve daily tasks, including finding information on the Internet.

As stated, the underlying voice assistant a neural network trained on a vast number of texts, provides the understanding of context. «Alice» recognize speech with high accuracy and has the voice actress Tatyana Shitova, which duplicates in the Russian hire Scarlett Johansson.

«Alice» provides access not only to search but also to other services of «Yandex», for example, for weather forecast and maps. The developers promise that eventually the list of available services will increase, extending the capabilities of the voice assistant. Moreover, third-party suppliers will also be able to give «Alice» access to their services.

With «Alice» it is already possible to communicate in the corporate application search portal and the beta version of Voice assistant for Windows. Later this feature will appear in Yandex.The browser and other products of «Yandex».


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