E Ink and Sony formed a joint venture

Company E Ink Holdings (E Ink), specializing in electrophoretic displays, and Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a subsidiary of Sony, have agreed to establish a joint venture. The joint venture will engage in «planning, design, development, manufacture, sale, distribution and licensing of products that use electrophoretic displays.» In addition, the interests of the joint venture includes an «integration platform» for system partners.

E Ink and Sony have experience of fruitful cooperation, since 2004. The joint venture will use the technology of E Ink and Sony experience in design and marketing. Together the partners expect to create new applications of electronic paper and to expand its sales.

The company is registered in Taiwan and its branch office in Japan. The JV will start after obtaining the necessary permissions. Jointly by E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions invest approximately 70% of the JV. The rest of the partners expect to have venture capital investors. The authorized capital of the joint venture equal to approximately 13.7 million dollars. The Board of Directors of the JV included representatives from E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions.

Source: E Ink


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