E Ink and Japan Display have formed a strategic Alliance

Company E Ink Holdings, specializing in the production of electrophoretic displays, and the company Japan Display, which produces liquid-crystal displays, reported the conclusion of an agreement on strategic cooperation. The subject of cooperation is the technology of electrophoretic displays (ePaper).

The image is formed on a reflective ePaper display, resembles an image printed on plain paper. For these displays has a wide viewing angle, low power consumption and good readability even in bright sunlight. In Japan Display hope through cooperation with E Ink ePaper to add to its product range, we offer manufacturers of information displays and cell phones.

Furthermore, Japan Display plans to continue development, to develop production and to start selling new electrophoretic displays, which will be used technology development for liquid crystal displays. It is, in particular, about ePaper displays with the control circuit made with a proprietary technology from Japan Display’s low-temperature polycrystalline silicon, with a touch Pixel Eyes. It is expected that these displays will allow to develop new applications of electrophoretic displays, including the automotive, electronics, computer keyboards, touch displays, card displays, training AIDS, devices, the Internet of things.

Source: E Ink

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