Dynaudio Special Forty: jubilee sound system from the Danish company

By its 40th anniversary, the Danish company Dynaudio timed release stereo bookshelf speaker system Dynaudio Special Forty. This is a classic passive design with a rear bass port and ekstererom, reminiscent of the model series Dynaudio Focus.

Birch veneer Grey Birch or Red Birch covered with glossy varnish, as designed and manufactured by the company in Skandeborg. In the two-lane scheme involved dividing the first-order filter designed for a frequency of 2000 Hz. WOOFER diameter of 170 mm supplemented dome tweeter Esotar Forty created specifically for this model based on high-level Esotar 2.

A tweeter with a diameter of 28mm is equipped with a neodymium magnet, the size of which was drastically increased to maintain better control over the mobile system. This move helped to reduce the level of distortion, coupled with the optimization of airflow at the rear of the radiator. Decreases the resonant frequency, improving agreement with bass speaker and the quality of the critical mid-range.

The emitter of bazovica is integral with the dust cap and manufactured on the basis of unchanged magnesium-silicate polymer (MSP), the loudspeaker is established on the basis of the model 17W75. The material was selected for a suitable combination of stiffness and the capability of absorbing parasitic vibrations. New design basket less prevents the movement of air currents, while it retained the old rigidity. Dual magnetic system consists of neodymium and ferrite magnets, providing a more uniform course of the emitter and the reduction of even harmonics.

For speakers Dynaudio Special Forty nominal impedance is specified at 6 Ohms with sensitivity of 86 dB. Frequency range and non-uniformity of +/- 3 dB is 41-23000 Hz. Anyone can buy a commemorative model Dynaudio Special Forty in June at a price of $3000.



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