Dutch manufacturer of expensive bicycles VanMoof began delivering them in boxes with a picture of the TV

Dutch design Studio VanMoof’ve been thinking about how to reduce the percentage damaged during shipping bikes, eventually entering a rather unexpected way.

Bikes of the company are up to 2.5 thousand dollars, they include led illumination, system of tracking theft, electric motors and other innovations. By 2020 VanMoof plans to implement 90% of their products via online channels.

Someone in the company noticed that the packaging in which to ship the bikes VanMoof, roughly corresponds to the dimensions of packages large, modern TVs. Obviously, the employees of the shipping service should be more carefully to go with the TV than with a Bicycle. It was decided to put the image of the TV box, which shipped bikes. In the end, the percentage of damaged bicycles VanMoof at delivery decreased by 70-80%.

Creative Director VanMoof red Becks (Bex Rad) said that they would like to keep it a secret, but thanks to surprised users and social media information is already spread on the Internet.


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