During the year, the income of Kodak has decreased by 11%, but the company ended its third quarter of 2016 profit

Eastman Kodak company published the report for the third quarter of 2016. The reporting period brought the legend of photography, in 2012, declared bankruptcy, 380 million dollars in revenue. This is 11% less than in the third quarter of 2015, is equal to 425 million dollars. However, if a year ago, the manufacturer returned to the market in 2013 and finished the quarter with a loss of $ 21 million dollars, the report for the third quarter of 2016 shows a net profit of $ 12 million.

This is the second profitable quarter in a row. The company’s management notes that the actual results of quarters augur well for the fulfilment of the forecast for the year to income of 1.5-1.7 billion dollars.

For the quarter, at the disposal Kodak was 489 million dollars.

Source: Eastman Kodak



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