During the first week of sales Nintendo console Switch I bought almost 1.5 million people

A week ago it became known that Nintendo Switch showed the best start in the American market in the entire history of Nintendo. The number of consoles sold is not known.

Now it became known that during the first week of sales worldwide were sold about 1.5 million consoles, of which 500,000 were sold in the USA 360 000 in Japan, 85 000 in the UK and another 110,000 were in France. More precisely, sources say that the majority of the half million devices were realized in the first week of sales.

And allegedly, this is data on sales to final buyers and not to the channel. It is also worth noting that 89% of customers Switch purchased from the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which many observers have called one of the best games in General.

If initially analysts were skeptical about the intention of Nintendo to sell 2 million new consoles by the end of March, it is now evident that the Japanese manufacturer may well exceed the forecasts.

For comparison, during the first week in the US, the Wii console has sold 600,000 units.



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