During the current half the cost of the server DRAM will grow by 50%

As reported by analysts DRAMeXchange, at the beginning of 2017, the market server DRAM memory continues to be a situation where demand outstrips supply. The source predicts that in the current quarter, the price of these products will gradually increase by 40% compared to the previous quarter.

In the second quarter prices will continue to rise, which will lead to the appreciation of the DRAM by 10%. In the end, the average selling price of server memory module DDR4 memory capacity of 16 GB will reach $ 130.

The situation was formed for several reasons. First, demand has increased due to large purchases of memory for data centers. Secondly, the producers of this product not in a hurry appropriate pace to increase production, as the current situation for them.

While large customers can count on the more common higher capacity memory modules. In particular, thanks to the efforts of manufacturers modules with capacity of 16 and 32 GB will be more accessible to customers.


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