During the competition Pwn2Own hackers 2017 never managed to hack Google Chrome, but Microsoft Edge, fell five times

Annual hacker event Pwn2Own once again showed what browser is the most secure and most vulnerable.

During the Pwn2Own competition in 2017, which, by the way, was a jubilee (the tenth) over three days, the contestants tried to bypass the security of popular browsers. The source gives detailed information about the exploits, we will concentrate only on results.

The outsider was the Microsoft Edge. And, if last year it managed to just crack in two different ways, this year found as many as five.

The Safari, which traditionally shows itself not in the best way, there were three and a half of vulnerability. Half fell on a vulnerability that is present in the full browser version, but already fixed in new beta.

Firefox hackers managed to crack only once. The winner was Chrome, which this year hack failed to anyone.

Note that in the framework of the contest, hackers must use only «zero day exploit», that is, up to this point have not been closed by the developers.


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