During disassembly of the new Apple iPad Pro specialists iFixit are constantly faced with an abundance of glue

Specialists iFixit continue to analyze the new Apple. Turned queue iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of 10.5 inches.

The process of dismantling, as always in such cases, begins with the dismantling of the display. Apple use a lot of glue, so this procedure is not easy.

In the future those who are going to disassemble the new Apple will have to deal with lots of glue.

The motherboard of the tablet has an elongated rectangular shape. It is a SoC the Apple A10X Fusion, the RAM chips Acer MT53B256M64D2PX-062 (by the way, there is 4 GB of RAM), the chip flash memory Toshiba THGBX669D4LLDXG, the NFC controller NXP 67V04 and other components.

The battery is also attached to the housing by glue. Cell capacity is 30.8 W·h

In the end, the new iPad Pro has earned only two points for the maintainability of a possible ten. In obvious disadvantages recorded the abundance of glue and display constituting a protective glass of a single module that increases the cost of the repair. In addition, the port of the Smart Connector is almost impossible to replace.



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