Duke Robotics delivers the United States and Israel quadcopters armed with machine guns and grenade launchers

As reported by the website Defense One, American and Israeli military has adopted quadcopters TIKAD, which can be equipped with machine guns, grenade launchers and other firearms.

Manufacturer of drones TIKAD is Duke Robotics startup, founded by veteran with 20 years experience of service in special troops of Atwar Raziel (Raziel “Razi” Atuar). He said he was tired of watching his comrades die in the chaotic firefights that often carry and the lives of ordinary citizens.

With a special platform to drone you can secure the machine M4, sniper rifle SR-25, 40-millimeter grenade launcher and other weapons, the weight of which does not exceed 10 kg.

The stabilization system will allow the operator to produce the most accurate shots while in the shelter. The developers believe that such drones can be used effectively in armed conflict, anti-terror operations, reducing the number of accidental deaths.

It is also believed that such drones may soon go into service of the police.



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