Due to weak demand, the manufacturing device Fitbit suspended since last month

Despite the fact that Fitbit recently bought two different brands of smart watches, the company are not the best way.

Resource Bloomberg, referring to Cleveland Research, said that the production of the leader of the market of wearable electronics are suspended from the middle of December. This is due to «disappointing» sales and a «weak» demand.

Moreover, even expressed concerns that the Fitbit partners may not receive full payment for production due to poor sales. It also reported the cancellation of some projects planned for the current year, although exact data on this point.

After the publication of the report, Cleveland Research, in which everything is mentioned, Fitbit shares have fallen in price on 5,9%.

All of the above refers to the fourth quarter of last year and beginning of this. If you look at the results of the third quarter of 2016, you can see that Fitbit only continues to increase sales.



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