Due to unprecedented demand the launch of a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Russia and Ukraine is delayed

Recently it became known that two days, South Korea has placed more than 200,000 pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note7. This allowed him to set a record among all the smartphones in this series.

The device is enjoying unprecedented demand in other countries of the world, because of what Samsung has to change the previously agreed plans and postpone sales. For example, on the territory of Ukraine Samsung Galaxy Note7 was supposed to be September 2, but now the launch is expected only on 30 September 2016. Accepting pre-orders will last from 7 to 28 September. The device will be sold at a price of 25 000 UAH (about $1 million).

A similar situation is observed in Russia, though in our country it would be two weeks earlier, that is on September 16.

Buyers in the gift will rely on a virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR.

Sources say that Samsung Galaxy Note7 delayed also in the Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries.



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