Due to the sales of DRAM and NAND semiconductor market last year showed a slight increase

Markit analysts at IHS claim that the global semiconductor market in 2016 showed signs of recovery after falling in 2015.

More specifically, the market grew by 2%, reaching 352,4 billion. The key growth drivers was the memory DRAM and NAND flash, prices have been growing for many months in a row. Analysts believe that the continued shortage and rising demand will lead to the fact that this year the sales volume of DRAM will put a new record.

Also showed a growth segment of the automotive solutions. Here sales increased by 9.7%.

Analysts pointed out that last year was a year of active consolidation, but, as we know, was not only the semiconductor market.

Among the 20 largest semiconductor players the highest income growth was observed among ON Semiconductor and Nvidia. For them is MediaTek. Qualcomm is the leader in terms of revenue among companies without their own production. Behind him is MediaTek and Nvidia.

The list of the largest semiconductor manufacturers is headed by Intel, followed by Samsung.


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