Due to the sales of both CPU and GPU, AMD has increased its revenues and ended the last quarter with a net profit

AMD has published a report on the third quarter of 2017 financial year. To begin, we note that the last quarter of the year proved successful for the manufacturer.

Net loss of $ 406 million, which AMD has received a year earlier, gave way to a net profit of $ 71 million. Operating profit was 126 million dollars, while in the third quarter of last year recorded a net loss of 293 million but revenue increased from 1.31 to 1.64 billion dollars.

If to consider the report in detail, it is worth noting a significant increase in the revenue division of the Computing and Graphics: from 472 to 819 million dollars. Is selling the CPU and GPU has allowed AMD to increase revenue, although the profit performance was affected by other factors. The company also notes that during the year significantly increased the average selling price of processors and graphics cards. Operating profit of this division amounted to $ 70 million, while the previous year was recorded loss of 66 million dollars.

Division Enterprise Embedded and Semi-Custom has shown revenue decrease from 835 to 824 million dollars, and operating profit from 136 to 84 million dollars. The category «Other» includes certain expenses and credits that are not related to the basic units is interesting in that operating loss was $ 28 mln, while the previous year was equal to 363 million was associated with payments by AMD in favor of GlobalFoundries under the Treaty required annual volume of procurement of wafers from silicon chips (Wafer Supply Agreement WSA).



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