Due to low percentage of usable memory on the 3D NAND capacity and SK Hynix, Toshiba, Apple had to turn to Samsung

According to the source, the company SK Hynix and Toshiba have not been able to bring to an acceptable level, the material yield in the production of flash memory 3D NAND. The result fails to meet the needs of Apple, associated with the upcoming release of new models of iPhone. As stated, the supply circuits of flash memory by 30% do not reach the volumes necessary requirements Apple.

In this situation, Apple had to go cap in hand to the industry leader, Samsung, before others mastered the manufacture of 3D NAND. High yield rate of 64-layer flash memory 3D NAND, made on the lines of Samsung, have already allowed the South Korean manufacturer to proceed to mass production, while his competitors try to overcome the technological complexity.

Since Apple isn’t the only smartphone maker preparing to release a new model in the industry is a shortage of flash memory. Industry representatives believe that it will persist until the end of the year.

Recall, according to another source, SK Hynix has managed to bring the yield rate of 72-layer flash memory 3D NAND to the required level.

Source: Digitimes



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