Due to an error there was a shortage of displays for the iPhone SE

As it became known, recently the shortage of displays and components required for their replacement on the iPhone SE, has led to a situation in which users seeking warranty, got a new smartphones.

Initially sources reported that the situation with the lack of display did not explain. Service centers and warehouses which ended displays, were forced to give out new phones, not repair the old one.

It triggered thoughts about the imminent release of the successor iPhone SE, but about the new four-inch smartphone Apple no one spoke. More recently, Apple has increased the amount of flash memory in the smartphone, making it even more attractive.

Then the situation became clear. It turns out that when the supply of a large batch of displays was a mistake, because of which the serial numbers of the components were not properly added to the system Apple. The entire batch was sent back to the suppliers that caused the deficit.

After the settlement of issues paper the new displays have already begun to arrive in stores and service centers.



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