Drones are launched by catapults will deliver medication and blood in Tanzania

More than a year ago, we reported on the plans of British architect Norman foster (Norman Foster) to create in Rwanda a drone-port, which would allow to deliver medication in remote areas of the country.

According to the BBC, the UK government will Fund such a project, but not in Rwanda and in neighbouring Tanzania. For a start it is worth noting that the project in Rwanda was still implemented. Apparently, the positive results of years of work of the project has led to the fact that the same will be launched in Tanzania. By the way, here it is much more important since the area of this country is nearly 1 million km2, whereas the area of Rwanda is 26 000 km2.

For the technical part of the project is a young company Zipline. Its drones are called Zips will deliver to remote areas of the country medicines and donor blood. Aircraft launch via catapult, after which they follow to the destination. Sending a reset with a paper parachute from a height of about 5 m. the Maximum estimated flight range of this drone is 290 km in one direction, but project managers trying to keep to smaller distances.

Drones will begin work early next year. It is estimated that the UAV will be able to «support» up to 50 000 births per year, reducing delivery time necessary for pregnant women medicine to 19 minutes. A similar project may soon be started in Nepal.



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