Drone THOR can fly in two modes

Drones are usually performed in the form of quadcopters (the number of motors and propellers can vary) or aircraft. The latter often used by the military to transport heavy loads and weapons.

Scientists of the Singapore University of technology and design, introduced a drone, dubbed THOR (Transformable Hovering Rotorcraft), which during the flight can go from one flight mode to another.

The developers said that creating a regime hangs in the air, they were inspired by the fruit of various trees, such as maple. The fruit, called dvukrylykh, consists of two identical parts, and when falling rotates, carrying the seed to a considerable distance.

While the transition between flight modes is not very smoothly, but the developers are refining the drone, promising that this time will be improved.

THOR the authors believe that it can be widely used in agriculture, with delivery of the goods, also it can be used for observation.



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