Drone Prodrone PD6-CI-L has to cling to vertical and horizontal surfaces

Civil construction and operation of buildings and structures include, among other things, inspection of designs, including hard-to-reach. This task partly help to solve the drones, but they face challenges. For example, exploring the surface of the bridges, operators are faced with the dangerous machines wind gusts. In addition, there are regular drone hard to keep at a constant minimum distance from the surface and examination of horizontal surfaces that are above the drone difficult.

All these problems will solve developed by Prodrone drone PD6-CI-L. It is designed to move, closely clinging to vertical and horizontal surfaces. Keeping a constant distance from the surface, it is possible to obtain a high quality image.

The unit is the development of the model PD4-CI, released in April, which could only cling to horizontal surfaces. An idea of its dimensions give the distance between the axes of motors: horizontal 60 cm, height — 42 cm Screws have a diameter of 38 cm Total height of the drone is equal to 72 cm weight 6 kg it is 2 kg payload. Maximum flight speed is 5 km/h in the inspection regime and 20 km/h in normal mode. The ceiling is 3,000 m. Two batteries with a capacity of 6000 mA∙h (22.2 V) provide 10 minutes of flight.

The demand for PD6-CI-L says such a fact: in Japan, where he created the drone, the local Ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism counted about 700 000 bridges in need of inspection.

Source: Prodrone


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