Drone DJI Spark is able to stay in the air no more than 16 minutes

Company DJI introduced the drone’s Spark. It is the most compact drone to the manufacturer. Its dimensions are 143 x 143 x 55 mm weight 300 g. When this baby is $ 500 for standard and $ 700 for the complete set with extra battery, bag, charger station and a remote control.

Yes, the remote control in the base set not included. In this case, the drone can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, as well as through hand gestures. The maximum range is 100 m at a maximum height of 50 m. the drone is capable of speeds up to 50 km/h, but the battery will not last long even in normal mode. More specifically, at speeds not exceeding 20 km/h drone can stay in the air no more than 16 minutes. As elder brethren, the drone itself will return to the owner when the battery charge is low. Also, the device is able to identify obstacles and their own to fly around.

There is also the possibility to charge the drone by means of a conventional external battery. Spark is equipped with a camera resolution of 12 MP. Use sensor optical format 1/2,3 inches. The camera can shoot video in Full HD resolution at 30 fps.

Drone is available in five color options: white, black, yellow, red and blue.

the drone


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