Drone DJI Phantom 4: Gold Edition is priced at £20 000

Company DJI known as the producer of some of the most popular, and expensive, unmanned aerial vehicles. Especially for those who already got the gold versions of iPhone, MacBook and other electronics was released drone DJI Phantom 4: Gold Edition.

The price of 24 carat gold-plated drone is 20 000 pounds. The manufacturer calls DJI Phantom 4: Gold Edition «Rolls-Royce’th in the world drones» which will allow its owner to conquer the skies in first class.

Discarding the marketing statements, it is worth noting that the drone is equipped with automatic bypass obstacles and prevent collisions. You can at any time push a button and the drone will return to you, but not in a straight line, and on the required trajectory, which will not allow him to face any obstacle.

The drone allows you to move away from the operator at a distance up to 2 km, to stay in the air for up to 28 minutes to travel at maximum speed to 72 km/h.

Part of the equipment of the camera on a stabilizing gimbal that allows for smooth shooting in 4K resolution.

The package includes the UAV, remote control, two sets of propellers, charger, cable and memory card capacity of 16 GB.



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