Drone Aero Intel will help developers of software for UAVs

Intel has introduced at the annual event in 2016 Intel Developer Forum presented a Quad Intel Aero, the main audience of which are, in fact, the developers of the software.

Yes, Intel Aero is not for fans of racing drones or aerial shooting. Using this drone, the developers can not only create, but also to test the software for the UAV.

Intel stated that Intel Aero will offer developers the fastest way for production of commercial applications. Intel Aero is fully ready to fly drone, which is equipped with a Quad-core single-chip system Intel Atom processor and a RealSense camera. A pre-application AirMap will help you to plot a route and provide useful information, such as where flights are permitted and where you may encounter problems with the law.

Intel Aero will go on sale at the end of the year release date and price are still not disclosed. However, we can already pre-order on motherboard Intel Aero for $ 399, and the Intel ® Aero Vision Accessory Kit, which includes R200 RealSense camera, the second camera 8 MP resolution and the third resolution VGA for $ 149.



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