Drives Smart HRS-M1HC got flash memory with the MLC endurance up to 2000 TB

Company Smart High Reliability Solutions (HRS Smart) presented a line of SSDS HRS-M1HC intended for use in military, aerospace and industrial sector. Last year was the range of HRS-M1, the capacity in which you reach just to 1.92 TB. The new series focuses on capacity, it is now up to 8 TB, though along with the leader is SSD 4, 2 and 1 TB. Note that all the drives are enclosed in body size 2.5 inches height 7 mm, with the exception of older model (height 9.5 mm).

SSD HRS-M1HC are equipped with flash memory MLC, which allowed to increase the stated resource records up to 2000 TB for the older model. It should be noted protection against data loss during a power outage and expeditious cleaning of the cache memory in such cases, support for AES encryption with a key of 256 bit length, operating temperature range from -40 to 85°C and operability at an altitude of 30500 m.

Used interface SATA 6GB/s streaming performance in read operations and write reaches up to 520 and 500 MB/s respectively, while random access to blocks 70 and 50 thousand IOPS, respectively. The probability of occurrence of a single uncorrectable error is 10-15.


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