Drives Customers nvNITRO on memory MRAM demonstrate the capacity of 1 500 000 IOPS and unlimited resource

Zalman has introduced a line of high-performance solid state drives nvNITRO, which the manufacturer calls accelerators. Products in the form of expansion cards PCIe and NVMe support MMIO.

Key advantages of the new SSD — high performance and low latency. Performance on the operations random access reaches 1 500 000 IOPS, the latency does not exceed 6 microseconds.

The capacity of the accelerators, by modern standards, small — range opened models ES1GB and ES2GB volume 1 and 2 GB respectively. They use memory chips ST-MRAM DDR3 density of 256 Mbit. Later we plan to release models with capacity of 4, 8 and 16GB, which will be used by chip ST-MRAM DDR4 density of 1 Gbit.

Two other advantages nvNITRO is also due to memory ST-MRAM. Is energy independence, eliminating the loss of information when power is removed, and unlimited resource, eliminating the need for load balancing algorithms. The manufacturer said that the speed performance of the memory in the process of operation does not deteriorate.

Currently, the first customers are already testing the samples nvNITRO. Production deliveries will begin in the second quarter. During the year, the manufacturer intends to add a line nvNITRO drives size M. 2 and U. 2 up to 8 GB.

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