Drivers in California are almost completely banned the use of mobile phones while driving

Talking on a cell phone while driving can be treated in different ways, but the fact that the process diverts attention from driving, is unlikely to challenge.

According to the source, in the U.S. state of California decided to tighten the rules regarding the use of mobile phones while driving. In fact, drivers almost completely banned the use of devices while driving.

With the exception of cases when the action with the mobile phone is placed in a single swipe or a tap, and that provided that the unit is mounted on the dashboard. That is to cancel the incoming call or click the shortcut to launch the voice assistant is still possible.

However, here the question immediately arises how a policeman stopped the violator can prove that he used a mobile phone in a prohibited mode. Apparently, the laws of California in some way provide a solution to such issues.

The bill (Assembly Bill 1785) enters into force on 1 January 2017. For the first violation will be fined $20, and for each subsequent will have to pay $50.



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