Dresses for fat ladies ‘ for the New year 2018

Many girls are ashamed of their completeness, and even a celebration or a meeting of the New year wearing a shapeless sweater and jeans.

But in order to look great, do not have to have model looks, enough to be able to choose the right outfit that would be ideal stressed the advantages of the lush ladies and hid their shortcomings.

Current model dresses on New year 2018 for full

First of all, you need to accept the idea that some models of evening dresses it is not necessary to dress curvy ladies. We are talking about tight fitted dresses that best reveal all the flaws of the figure.

Stick to those models that we will present below, and your image will always look stylish and attractive.

Style Smok

The main difference of this model in numerous folds, which can decorate the dress or be used in certain parts of it.

For the new year look dress with a full skirt and simple top without a bright decor.

Due to the folds it creates the impression that available volume occurs because of them. Ruffles to visually hide figure flaws and drape fullness in the abdomen and hips.

For young girls the best outfit for new year’s celebration will be a dress with open shoulders. The older ladies look beautiful dresses in «sex» with air flying sleeves.

Style Shift

This style looks perfect on women with type of shape «Apple». Shift dresses are often straight cut with short sleeves.

Product length below the knee, some models have short – to mid-thigh.

The Shift style will fit a curvy ladies who have a surplus in the abdomen, while the legs long and slender. These dresses will fit perfectly in your new year look and allow you to feel confident and relaxed.


Style Cylinder

Essential style for curvy women with type figure «pear». The style of the Tank perfectly hides big thighs and visually Slims girls.

For the new year celebrations, choose a dress with a fitted top and a lush gathered flared skirt. In this dress your hips will cease to be a disadvantage, and turn into a beautiful accent will make the look more toned and expressive.

Look how impressive looking dresses of this style. This style is the choice of most chubby girls who want to always look stylish and feminine.


Under the asymmetry means a large number of styles in which there are uneven parts. They can be made on the sleeves, hem or finish.

If the asymmetry is represented on the sleeves, she usually is expressed in one open shoulder. Such details can be found in the tailoring of Greek tunics or dresses.

For evening dresses with asymmetry a lot of attention paid to the bright decor, which is considered the highlight of the outfit. It smoothly rolling pattern on one side of the bodice to the other or right side of the skirt on the left creates a holistic effect, it is advantageous for hiding figure flaws.

You can choose the model, where the décor is present in those problem areas you want to hide. The flow pattern from them will allow you to visually blur the flaws and to hide them.

The asymmetrical hem is a universal model which is suitable for home celebrations, and corporate parties in the restaurant. This style allows you to pay attention to the beautiful graceful ankle.

Any dresses with asymmetrical perfect for curvy women. They seemed to gaze away from the fullness of the shape. Many Hollywood stars «in the body» choose this particular model.

It is important to know the extent of the uneven elements of the dress and overdo it with them.

Material for dresses for the New year for full

Not only the style can transform lush women and make them slimmer. A big role plays the correct choice of material, which together with the cut of the dress will create a unique festive way.

Jacquard dress

Jacquard is a dense fabric with interweaving contrasting thread. Dresses made of this material look rich and sophisticated, it perfectly keeps the shape, not allowing to be superfluous folds.

Dress jacquard New year is guaranteed to look Royal.

Soft velvet

Despite the fact that the velvet fabric is soft enough, it is quite applicable for dresses for curvy ladies.

Prefer loose long cut and made of velvet. From the fitted models should be abandoned.

Chiffon and muslin

Models in the Greek style and gowns-Empire style in the coming year will be mega-popular. In fact, this style was the main trend of the latest fashion show Chanel.

It’s time to fill up your wardrobe with a bold outfit in this style of lightweight airy chiffon and muslin.

Thanks to the flying transparent fabric texture, do not generate a constant silhouette. A dress from this material is comfortable when walking, freely fall on the figure, not allowing it to catch its clear outline.

For the party is also a tunic in the Greek style made of chiffon, which emphasize the bust and sloping shoulders.

Dress of muslin with a surplice bodice are also ideal for curvy ladies who want to look into your forms.

Christmas outfits for full: Actual colors 2018

To accentuate your figure need also to be attentive to the color of your outfit. It should fit your complexion and is beneficial to hide the fullness.

Actual colors for the dresses lush ladies are considered:

  • black is a classic color that is known for its property to make the figure visually less

  • blue is the best color for chiffon dresses. The main thing to choose the right color and then your image will look truly magical.

  • yellow – the color of the symbol of the coming year, so to meet him better in a dress in this Sunny shade. You can choose any variation of yellow sand, lemon, linseed, peach, and others.

The new year is the most awaited holiday of the year and every girl wants to look irresistible at the ceremony. Completeness is not a hindrance for a spectacular and graceful look.

It is sufficient to choose the suitable model, the color of the dress perfectly and you’ll look at the new year celebrations in 2018.

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