Dress Oscillation printed on a 3D printer

Stratasys and threeASFOUR showed at fashion week in new York dress Oscillation. It is wonderful that printed on a 3D printer. More specifically, the dress consists of 30 items, printed from multiple materials of different colors and joined together.

The style and colors of her dress had developed a new York-based designer Travis Fitch (Travis Fitch). Allegedly, he was inspired by the idea of «primary universal vibration». Stratasys, which specializes in the production of 3D printers, the project allowed to demonstrate the possibilities of modern 3D printing technology, able to convey the subtle pattern and volume, without sacrificing qualities such as flexibility and strength. Smooth transitions of color was created by a division of objects into nine layers with a thickness less than a millimeter, which were printed in different materials. The entire project includes nearly 300 files for printing.

Source: Stratasys


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