Doogee chetyrehkantnyj is preparing another smartphone, the X20 and the protected model BL5000

Doogee the company is working on new smartphones X20 and BL5000 — photos and first details about these devices shares the source.

In the photo above featured model X20. Alas, pictures of the front panel there, but on the back is clearly visible the system the main camera with two lenses. Alas, the data resolution matrix no. The smartphone will get a metal frame and a fingerprint sensor built into the Home button. The battery capacity of this model will be 3500 mAh.

It is expected that the X20 will be available after the model Mix. It happens, roughly, in late June. Well and then, in July, the expected appearance of the model BL5000, the title is most likely encrypted the battery capacity.

Along with a high-strength housing BL5000 get dual main camera and a proprietary bumper-type, which is equipped with Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Alas, at the moment this is all the details about smartphones.

Source: Notebook Italy



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