Dodocool digital scales require a power source

On sale electronic scale Dodocool offered on the website of the British division of Amazon at a price of 20 pounds.

The scales are covered with tempered glass, which is resistant to scratches, and is equipped with a three-inch LCD display. Four sensors to determine the body weight with an accuracy of 100 g weigh the Maximum allowable weight is 150 kg. On the bottom panel there is a switch between kilograms and pounds.

Dodocool scales are of interest due to the used technology, which allows the weighing to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The developers claim that the scales work fine without a power source. Also States that the resource weights is not less than 50 thousand sessions of weighing.

The seller guarantees a refund within 30 days and replacement in the case of scales out of action for 18 months.


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