Docking station the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming GTX 1070 Box makes it more compact than most of its rivals and has a USB port with support for QC 3.0

Gigabyte has added to its range the dock with a graphics card called GTX 1070 Aorus Gaming Box, which was demonstrated at Computex.

This device differs from most similar to what graphics card it already has. This GeForce GTX 1070 mini ITX OC production of the same Gigabyte. In this case, the adapter works on frequencies 1556/1746 MHz for core and 8008 MHz for the memory, if we talk about mode OC Mode.

This adapter was probably chosen because of its compact dimensions (length 169 mm). It is allowed to make itself the dock is more compact than many others, because the manufacturers do not need to worry, it’ll fit her in some other 3D card. Size Aorus Gaming GTX 1070 Box is equal to 212 x 96 x 162 mm and weight 2.4 kg.

In addition to direct graphics device has a power supply 450 W with a certificate 80 Plus Gold.

Set of ports includes DVI (x2), HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0 (x4) and USB-C with the functionality of Thunderbolt 3. One of the USB 3.0 ports supports fast charging Quick Charge 3.0. The kit supplies a USB-C cable to connect the station to PC and also the carrying bag. The rest can be noted is that a custom lighting.

As for the cost, at the show the manufacturer talked about the 600 dollars that is much cheaper than most other proposals. Is that through time, if you want to replace the installed Gigabyte video card, will have to pick something equally compact size.

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