Docking station Samsung Dex will allow you to turn the Galaxy S8 in the likeness of a desktop PC

Samsung today announced smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+. The devices open new era with the use of display, occupying almost the entire frontal surface.

One of the important features of the device is to support the docking station Dex and a special operation mode of the Android OS when connected to it. The same functionality, for example, offers Microsoft as part of the Continuum.

The smartphone connects to the docking station, which is in turn connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard (you can use wireless models). In this mode, the Android is running in a special version that offer the usual desktop OS elements. Here the context menu and resizing Windows, and multi mode, and so on. We should note that such versions are available adapted versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Lightroom Mobile, offering an interface that is not available in mobile mode.

Docking station itself is equipped with two USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and USB C. USB is used for charging. In addition, the docking station has an active cooling system! The fan is installed in the sliding part and is intended for the cooling panel, on which is a smartphone, and, respectively, and the smartphone itself.

Finally we acknowledge the support of the virtual desktop Windows via VMWare, Amazon and Citrix.

Says Samsung on the global availability of Dex, as well as the possibility of a docking station complete with smartphones in some markets. The cost was not announced, but earlier it was said about 150 euros.



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