Docking station Asus XG Station 2 for connecting external graphics cards will soon hit the shelves

With the advent of high-speed interfaces, in particular, Thunderbolt 3 in the format of the USB type-C, it became possible again to realize an old idea of using a conventional desktop graphics cards in special packages as external. For example, it is very convenient for owners of slim and compact notebooks, deprived of productive GPU.

In the beginning of the year, Asus showed the docking station XG Station 2, designed for such tasks. After almost a year the manufacturer has finally unveiled the device, which means the imminent start of sales. Asus promises a delivery in early next year.

XG Station 2 uses Thunderbolt 3. Formally the station is suitable only for certain Asus laptops, but it is possible that it will work properly and many other models. The manufacturer does not specify the dimensions of the video cards that can fit into the housing of the docking station, but on the images it is seen that to fit nearly any modern card. Except that it should take no more than two and a half expansion slots. As for power, the XG Station 2 is capable of supplying power any 3D card. In addition, 100 watts can be used to charge laptop.

Also XG Station 2 is equipped with four USB 3.0 ports and one Ethernet. About the cost of the device is not reported.



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