Dock Vaux will give the device Amazon Echo Dot autonomy and the ability to play music

A year ago, Amazon introduced Echo Dot device, which was a variation on the theme of smart acoustic system Echo. Echo Dot differs considerably smaller dimensions due to the fact that the device doesn’t have speakers to play music. The model is designed for connecting to an external speaker system.

The rest of Echo Dot is not inferior to the older sister, and is much less. And now the owners of this device have the opportunity to turn it into a more universal solution.

For this you need only buy a $ 50 dock Vaux. This device turns Echo Dot at the same time and in the Echo model, and the model Tap. From the first remains full support for the Alexa with the launch with the voice commands, and speakers to play music, and the second — its own battery, which makes the final decision independently. The battery capacity should be enough for six hours of work.



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