Dock Station for Samsung LG Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with active cooling

We have heard about docking stations Samsung DeX Station or Samsung Station Desktop Experience, which will be released for smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+.

It was recently reported that this accessory will be offered at a price of 150 euros, and now there are new details and first images of the Samsung DeX Station.

Samsung DeX Station allows you to connect a monitor or TV and the keyboard and mouse. The picture on the external display will display in 2K resolution at 30 fps. the Accessory is equipped with a USB-C port and HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, as well as 100-megabytes Ethernet port.

It is also known that docking station Samsung DeX Station will be equipped with active cooling. The story of Galaxy Note7 has taught the manufacturer that is now coming to the issue of cooling their devices even with the reassurance.

The smartphone accessory will be presented March 29.



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