DJI will present in may its most compact drone?

Company DJI announced recently headset Goggles and drone Pro M600 with the ability to take photos with a resolution of 100 MP, it seems, is not going to slow the momentum. In less than a month DJI may represent a new drone. At least such a conclusion can be drawn from the text of the invitation to a formal event, which will take place in new York on may 24.

The invitation is offered to «seize the moment», which in English sounds like «seize the moment». The first word is consonant with the word «size» is the size. A hint? It may well be, as before this, the Network appeared rumors about the new DJI drone Spark. On Chinese forum there were even sharing a photo of the Spark and Mavic Pro that allows you to visually estimate the dimensions of these two models.

Of course, by the time the official premiere of the look of the Spark may change, and design, for example, in the image Mavic Pro will be foldable. But one thing is clear: the more compact the drone will become more affordable.

Source: The Verge



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