DJI Osmo Mobile allows you to stabilize the smartphone along the three axes at the time of the shooting

The company’s product range has expanded DJI product called Osmo Mobile. In fact, the manufacturer has provided a stabilizer used in the video camera DJI Osmo, a separate product. It is addressed to owners of smartphones, with a passion for movies.

Gimbal reacts to the offset in three axes. The accuracy of the respective actuators manufacturer estimates of 0.03°. With the help of technology SmoothTrack kompensiruet small shifts and reduced jitter. Built-in controls allow you to choose between primary and front camera, centered position and lock the shooting direction, which will seek to retain the stabilizer. Modes Standard, Portrait), Flashlight and Underslung, which differ in mutual position of the smartphone and stabilizer.

Complete DJI app GO App allows you to organize streaming and video sharing, to monitor the objects in the frame, change camera settings, shoot panoramas, take pictures with long exposure and to conduct interval shooting.

The stabilizer is equipped with a Bluetoot 4.0 LE interface. According to DJI, Osmo Mobile suitable for smartphones width 59-85 mm. the dimensions of the stabilizer is equal to 61.8 x 48,2 x 161.5 mm, weight — 201, the Device costs about $300. Sales have already begun.

Source: DJI



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