DJI became the owner of a Hasselblad

The Hasselblad, with the advent of digital technology has repeatedly changed the owner, has recently been owned by Chinese manufacturer DJI drones. Although neither DJI nor the Hasselblad was not reported, a source says the sale as a fait accompli.

The first step towards absorption was made in 2015 year, when Hasselblad Group and DJI announced a strategic partnership. One aspect of the partnership was the purchase DJI 15% stake in the legendary Swedish manufacturer of photographic equipment. According to the source, now DJI has a controlling stake.

For Hasselblad it was the only chance to Finance the release Hasselblad X1D is the first compact mirrorless medium format camera. With X1D to Hasselblad pinned hopes on the revival, but development took more time and resources than the company, like other mastodons film era, unable to adapt to rapid digital progress.

What consequences will the change of ownership — while we can only guess, because DJI does not tell about the plans for Hasselblad.

Source: Luminous Landscape



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